Fuck school I honestly can’t keep up and it sucks to struggle because your teachers are assholes who don’t care if the whole class is failing or not.

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Please please tell me Drown by Bring Me The Horizon is gonna be one of those songs that gets leaked I’d feel bad for the band if I did, but the preview sounds amazing and I really don’t wanna wait till December for it to come out.

Wow things have really changed a lot since back then

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So my freshmen year crush who was slightly drunk and I just spent 4 hours cuddling on my couch and watching movies. I don’t know how to feel about it.

Drunk guys are really cute




In spirit of Halloween coming soon, I will draw anyone who reblogs this as a monster based on their blog!


i dont normally reblog stuff like this but i’m actually curious.

Ooh, that sounds interesting.
~ Mulan

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People are fucking disgusting I’m sick of people imposing and saying they understand when they don’t know shit about the situation and then they think they have the right to tell you how to feel

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All I can think is there must be something wrong with me

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Fuck everyone I’m mad at all of you

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We are all 18 sorry I’m sick of babying people grow a backbone

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No one should have to beg for the things they need

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I fucking feel abandoned.

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I’m mad at you there I said you left me alone with out you being here to be my best friend and it makes me super upset are you happy. I’m lonely and I wish you were here but that’s never gonna happen now is it.

I miss the old you the one that I used to be able to talk to.

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-This is for you Jimmy I know you are always looking over us -

As it starts to rain during “So Far Away” by Avenged Sevenfold in Bristol Virginia at Jiffy Lube Live on August 3 2014 at Mayhem Festival