Metro station touring? Whattt. If the fans weren’t going to be annoying as hell I’d ask for someone to go with me but idk if I’m up for dealing with 14 year old dumb fucks.
Oh and if Dave and I were still together

Lol here have a pic of me because idk

"We backed down, we took no for answers far too long
We felt those walls close around"

—I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore, Rise Against 

Why haven't you done any of your talks lately

ugh most of the talk/stories i have to tell are about heartless people and I’m just done dwelling on the bullshit they caused I’m trying to get to a better place

Mon, Aug 11 , 1 note

Part of me hates myself for owning up to having hallucinations and part of me is really proud of myself.

"All that I see right now,
Is someone who’s lost and insecure."

—Lady In A Blue Dress, Senses Fail

"I can’t let you, let me down again"

—Seventy Times Seven, Brand New

I wonder if I just show up drunk ever day will I make it through senior year


Weezer’s new song sounds great so excited for the new album

"I’m jealous of Los Angeles, she gets to keep you for a month or two
And I don’t know if I can handle this the thought of being without you"

—Los Angeles, The Audition 

Be with someone who makes you wanna be a better you, don’t be with some one who suffers from the the same ailments as you just be cause they understand why you may not be improving.

I met a guy whose music taste is so amazing it hurts my heart.

Tonight was the most fucking amazing night one I’ll remember for a really long time and fuck my drink was amazing and I need to listen to more suicidal tendency songs and fuck my misfits shirt is apparently sexy. And I’m never fucking washing it

Tue, Jul 15 , 2 notes

Jack the stars are out tonight while I’m at the drive in

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