"I never thought it’d be this way
Just me and you, we’re here alone"

Drowning Lessons, My Chemical Romance

You kind of look like Jess Bowen from The Summer Set :)

Thats sick thanks :)

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I feel like i haven’t posted a pic of myself in forever so none of you know what i look like lol so here have this black and white photo i sent to Markie

So seeing blessthefall tomorrow. Who else is going? And I’m getting there like 2 hours before doors do you think there is gonna be a bunch of people in line already???

"Just try to see in the dark
Just try to make it work"

—Close To Me, The Cure

Holy Fuck Spencer from Ice Nine Kills just replied to me on reddit and it was about my favorite song omfg

Someone go to Skate And Surf with me

"What’s so good about picking up the pieces?"

Caraphernelia, Pierce the Veil 

"You know you know it’s the end of our sweet universe
You know you know that we blame it on ourselves"

—Make a Beast Of Myself, Twin Atlantic 

pretty much just called my friend hysterically crying because this week and everything that has happened has made me hate myself, but now he’s gonna drive down to see the black dahlia murder with me so i guess i win 

Its been a week.

So i’ve gotten a few messages about doing what i use to do on my blog which were i just do really long talks about life and shit, and its been such a long time thought i might as well do one.

So monday was finally our class ring ceremony, and with the ring ceremony comes a catholic mass where i was forced to carry the gifts. while wearing a leather jacket while i’m not considered catholic. like it just seemed so fucked up to me. But it was more fucked up that there is this guy that for some ungodly reason is suddenly in love with me deciders to change his clothes last min after asking me what i was wearing so he could match me. and then later that night we took like three photos together and all of my family thinks i’m secretly dating him which is just awful. And now this guy crashes my art class and just randomly stares at me like i just don’t understand. but any way he went on retreat and i wrote him a letter which was poorly written but he really liked for some reason, and when he got off the bus he came over and bear hugged me.  its just all so weird and idk what i’m doing. And earlier this week i was dealing with having the biggest paper of the year due. So i’ve spent hours killing my self over this paper. I accidentally told my spanish teacher he reminded me of one of my brother’s friends and i also accidentally told him i had a boyfriend and then everyone in my class began to freak out because the know this is so strange for me but nothings official it sorta just slipped and now i feel so weird and like i fucked up and said something i shouldn’t have. And today i distorted my friendship with my long time best friend. We had a falling out a few months ago that involved her and two other people stabbing me in the back and today she cracked a joke about the situation and i guess i just completely lost it i got pissed and started yelling at her in the middle of my math class, and then she had the nerve to blame me and say it was my fault and i’m being a bitch. But hey oh well i have the homewreaker and the sassy skeleton always. And ADTR might be happening and the wonder years in two days so everything is a ok.

So who is going to blessthefall and Silverstein on the maryland date (April 23) at soundstage?

And or going to Emerosa and Chiodos on the maryland date (April 21) at soundstage

like i really really wanna go to both but i have no one to go with and don’t wanna be alone the whole time lol, so who’s going?

"Another night, another dream wasted on you"

—Three Cheers For Five Years, Mayday Parade

"I feel alone and tired"

—Asthenia, Blink 182

Panic at the disco? More like panic at the college fair because I have no idea what I’m doing with my future.