Casually washing letters

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New York sounds great right now

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i deserve everything thats ever happened to me. Is that what they want me to say? because i guess i do deserve it.

I deserve every once of suffering and pain i’ve ever been through. i deserve the anxiety that has ruined most of my life. i deserve the depression thats grow to consume me since the start of middle school. i deserve the bullying. I deserve every object thats been thrown at me. I deserve every insult and every judgmental look. I deserve every time my mom has told me she wished i was never born or every time she told me she hated me. I deserve the fact that i feel lonely every second of the day. I deserve to be lonely. I deserve to be hated. I deserve for everyone to walk out of my life. i deserve to be beat up. i deserve the drama and the pain that comes with it. I deserve to feel like dirt. i deserve to hate myself and my life. I deserve to feel unsafe at home and at school. i deserve the fact that being at school pains me. I deserve to lose every good thing that walks into my life. i deserve to be unhappy all the time. I deserve the fact that i feel like I’m drowning.

Its all my fault. I deserve the cuts on my arms, the cuts on my ribs, the cuts and bruises on my shoulders. i deserve the fact that i want to end my life. I’m an awful and worthless person who deserves every bad thing that ever happened to them. did you hear me say it?

I deserve every bad thing that ever happened to me.

It’s only been my first day of classes and already I’m so sick of people being assholes and putting me down

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petition to never let teachers force us to play two truths and a lie on the first day of class ever again

"I guess I’m just down.
I guess I’ll be honest.
I could use you around."

—Melrose Dinner, The Wonder Years

Pete Wentz should not be allowed to name children.

Metro station touring? Whattt. If the fans weren’t going to be annoying as hell I’d ask for someone to go with me but idk if I’m up for dealing with 14 year old dumb fucks.
Oh and if Dave and I were still together

Lol here have a pic of me because idk

"We backed down, we took no for answers far too long
We felt those walls close around"

—I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore, Rise Against 

Why haven't you done any of your talks lately

ugh most of the talk/stories i have to tell are about heartless people and I’m just done dwelling on the bullshit they caused I’m trying to get to a better place

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Part of me hates myself for owning up to having hallucinations and part of me is really proud of myself.

"All that I see right now,
Is someone who’s lost and insecure."

—Lady In A Blue Dress, Senses Fail

"I can’t let you, let me down again"

—Seventy Times Seven, Brand New

I wonder if I just show up drunk ever day will I make it through senior year