I wonder if I just show up drunk ever day will I make it through senior year


Weezer’s new song sounds great so excited for the new album

"I’m jealous of Los Angeles, she gets to keep you for a month or two
And I don’t know if I can handle this the thought of being without you"

—Los Angeles, The Audition 

Be with someone who makes you wanna be a better you, don’t be with some one who suffers from the the same ailments as you just be cause they understand why you may not be improving.

I met a guy whose music taste is so amazing it hurts my heart.

Tonight was the most fucking amazing night one I’ll remember for a really long time and fuck my drink was amazing and I need to listen to more suicidal tendency songs and fuck my misfits shirt is apparently sexy. And I’m never fucking washing it

Tue, Jul 15 , 2 notes

Jack the stars are out tonight while I’m at the drive in

Sat, Jul 12 , 0 notes

I understand why Jackie Chan gave up on english

Thu, Jul 10 , 0 notes

Why was it your last?

I use to always go and visit my boyfriend at his work in Baltimore it was really only time I ever go to see him. It was the last time because I randomly broke up with him a week later. Part of me thinks it was stupid to break up with him because he was the first guy to ever not cheat on me but really it was for the best in the end there were some issues

Sun, Jul 6 , 0 notes

Didn’t know that would be my last time to that part of Baltimore but i got dressed up, I guess it’s for the best that I don’t go back

Ugh I really wanted to meet Motionless In White on warped tour. But I’ve heard a lot if bad stories about meeting them so what’s up if you met them can you talk to me about it?

I feel so out of it this past month has changed me and I don’t know if it is for the better or the worst.

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Listening to a bunch of songs about beer and shitty friends because I know both too well

Fri, Jun 27 , 1 note

Fuck all the people who let me down

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